handsAs part of their course, the PEARLS trainees completed a number of short items for their portfolio, including interviews, voxpops, jingles, public service announcements (PSAs), features and reports.

This is a showcase of some of the items from trainees on all eight courses. To listen, click on the links below.

sikhsInterview with Harbinder Singh – by Aman Dhaliwal (PEARLS 4)
Harbinder Singh is the Chairman of the Duleep Singh Trust. I met him at the launch of a new book, ‘Empire of the Sikhs: The Life and Times of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’ (published by Peter Owen). I began by asking him how significant the release of this book was for the Punjabi community.
Listen (2′ 34″)

Southall Voxpops – by Anjul Dutt (PEARLS 6)
I asked people in Southall about how they have been affected by the recession.
Listen (1′ 39″)

Alcohol Report – by Beth Curl (PEARLS 4)
Like many other young people I enjoy alcohol and have never been too concerned about its potential long term effects, even with the media attention given to binge drinking. After taking a job in a pub I have started to see things from a different point of view…
Listen (3′ 09″)

The Portobello Film Festival – package/interview with Director Jonathan Barnett – by Carol Sidney (PEARLS 6)
The Portobello Film Festival, founded in 1996 and based in West London every September, is a free independent festival which valiantly attempts to show all the films that filmmakers submit. In 2009, that will be 700 films. The service it does for ordinary viewers, filmmakers just starting out and British moving-image culture in general, means it deserves as big a profile as the more established festivals such as London, Edinburgh and Cannes. This is what Director, Jonathan Barnett, had to say…
Listen (3′ 36″)

Report – by Dharma Reddy (PEARLS 2)
My report is about being a London eco warrior.
Listen (1′ 16″)

Feature: Cycling for Girls – by Emily Chappell (PEARLS 3)
This feature came together during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing – I was inspired by the success of Great Britain’s female cyclists and wanted to find out about other women on bikes in the UK. I spoke to lots of different people (and gathered far more material than I could actually use) and ended up realizing that cycling is a girl’s game after all!
Listen (7′ 34″)

Age Concern Internet Cafe, Hounslow – by Hansa (PEARLS 1)
Age Concern Hounslow have just launched an internet cafe for older people in the area. Hansa went to interview Stephen Hawkins, the Director of Age Concern Hounslow, to find out more.

Marriage introduction service at the Siri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara – by Jasbir (PEARLS 1)
Jasbir interviewed Mr Sodhi, from the Siri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Southall, about the marriage introduction service that they offer at the Gurdwara.

Breakthrough Breast Cancer interview – by Jasdeep Bains (PEARLS 3)
Jas Bains interviews Sean Cobley, volunteers manager at Breakthrough Breast Cancer, about volunteering at the charity. She began by asking what Breakthrough Breast Cancer does.
Listen (5′ 54″)

Report about arranged marriages – by Jaspal Kaur (PEARLS 7)
Jaspal’s report about her arranged marriage was broadcast as part of a magazine programme on arranged marriages.
Listen (1′ 02″)

PSA (Public Service Announcement) about the Information Point at Desi Radio – by Jassi Khehar and Chhinder Dhiman (PEARLS 5)
This PSA is about the StartHere Information Point at Desi Radio.
Listen (0′ 28″)

PSA (public service announcement) – by Kamaljit Dhanjal (PEARLS 3)
Kamaljit’s PSA is about adult education.
Listen (0′ 35″)

Interview with Paul, airline steward – by Kashmir Panue (PEARLS 6)
I interviewed Paul, an airline steward based at Heathrow. He talks about his experiences in Punjab and India.
Listen (5′ 27″)

Women in Islam – by Madina Jeilani (PEARLS 8)
Madina interviewed Imam Hamed Asjef from the Abubakar Masjit Mosque in Southall, West London. She began by asking him to explain the role and responsibility of women in Islam.
Listen (7′ 54″”)

Interview with GP Penny Sowden – by Narinder Dosanjh (PEARLS 3)
Polyclinic is a term which we are hearing in the media with increasing frequency (for example, see BBC News). To move to this system of GP-led health centres would involve a change in the way NHS patients are cared for and one which could potentially affect us all. Narinder Dosanjh talked to Penny Sowden, a GP, to find out more.
Listen (5′ 55″)

Interviews at Southall Day Centre – by Naseem Khan (PEARLS 5)
I visited the Southall Day Centre, where I spoke to Ravinder, Khadija, Salma and Mansinder Singh.
Listen (3′ 05″)

Interview with Anna Fairclough, solicitor at Liberty – by Mona Arshi (PEARLS 5)
Is it ever legitimate for the state or a private employer to interfere with how we dress in the class room or at work? In recent years there has been an increasing number of cases played out in the law courts regarding the appropriateness of wearing religious or other symbols. When Welsh pupil Sarika Singh won her right to wear a religious bracelet known as a Kara to her school, hers was by no means the first battle over religious symbols. Other cases have included the primary school teaching assistant Aishah Azmi who lost her case for discrimination at an employment tribunal after she was dismissed for refusing to remove her veil in the class-room, a case which sparked a national debate on the future of multi-culturalism and integration in Britain. So why has there been an apparent assertiveness in bringing these cases to the Courts?
Mona Arshi spoke with Anna Fairclough, solicitor at Liberty who represented schoolgirl Sarika Singh, about some of the legal issues involved.
Listen (5′ 54″)

Paramjeet Kaur (PEARLS 7)
My name is Pammi. I have two boys. I did my education in India. I did PEARLS 7 Radio course and now I want to do voluntary work for Desi Radio. I am working part-time in Tesco. In doing this course I can see a better future and more chances to go forward.
Paramjeet’s tribute to her late husband
Listen (3′ 01″)

You can also hear Pammi taking part in a studio discussion with Yula (presenting) and Sam for International Migrants Day. Listen (9′ 32″)

Interview with Niru Desai – by Rashmi Meswani (PEARLS 2)
Niru Desai is President of Harrow Women’s Association. A writer, poet, storyteller, educationist and community worker, she has a lot of passion for women’s issues. Rashmi Meswani met her – she began by asking her what inspired her to take up community service.
Listen (3′ 43″)

Interview with Bisrat Yigletu from Naz Project London – by Rashmi Varma (PEARLS 4)
Rashmi Varma interviews Bisrat Yigletu, Women’s Health Worker at Naz Project London, which is an HIV, Aids and Sexual Health Agency for black and minority ethnic communities. She talks about gender issues affecting the ability of women to access information, care and support.
Listen (6′ 54″)

Interview with Lindiwe Tsele – by Rosemary Donga (PEARLS 2)
Lindiwe Tsele is South African. She was a refugee in England in the 1960s. She told Rosemary Donga about her experiences. This interview was broadcast on Refugee Week Radio 2008.
Listen (15′ 30″)

Report – by Satbir Chawla (PEARLS 2)
My report is about travelling by coach.
Listen (0′ 56″)

Cancer awareness/Breast Cancer Care – by Savitri (PEARLS 1)
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This was introduced as a worldwide campaign in 1993. The aims of the campaign are to increase awareness of breast cancer, to raise funds for research into the disease and to support people affected by the disease. One of the main breast cancer charities in the UK is Breast Cancer Care. I spoke to Sadia Habib at Breast Cancer Care.

Interview with Dr Katherine Rake, Director of the Fawcett Society – by Sheila Ruiz (PEARLS 5)
Fawcett Society is a London-based organisation, which campaigns for gender equality and women’s rights. They have recently released a report, entitled “Are Women Bearing the Burden of the Recession?” on how women are being affected by the current economic downturn. I went to speak with Dr Katherine Rake, Director of the Fawcett Society and author of the report, at her London office.
Listen (6′ 06″)

Interview with a Headteacher – by Veena Subhrai (PEARLS 1)
This is an interview with Miss Nandha, the Headteacher of Havelock Primary School, Southall. I also work in the school as an SMSA (School Meals Supervisory Assistant) at lunch-time.
Listen (8′ 34″)

Wapping – by Zoe Spencer (PEARLS 3)
Zoe Spencer reads her report about the Wapping strike.
Listen (4′ 04″)

Discussion for International Migrants Day (PEARLS 7)
Yula Burin presenting a studio discussion with Sam and Pammi about coming to London as a migrant. This was recorded for Radio 1812, celebrating International Migrants Day 2009.
Listen (9′ 32″)

Diwali programme – joint feature (PEARLS 4)
Manprit Dayal, Rashmi Varma and Rajinder Khabra explore the significance and traditions
of Diwali for Hindus and Sikhs. Including an interview by Aman Dhaliwal.
Listen (12′ 27″)

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